FLC Group Home is a residential place that serves as a home for people who are not in the same family but have a common characteristic. This would mean a home for children who need social assistance or who are not able to live alone or without proper care for safety reasons. They are often established in typical residential neighborhoods and often contain the typical features of a household. However, instead of traditional families, they are comprised of a group of unrelated children who receive support services while residing under one roof.

At present we have 7 children placed to grow in a family atmosphere. We meet the emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of the children and give them hope for their future. These children are admitted in a formal school, regular medical check ups are given, food, accommodation & and other basic needs are provided. The house parents and elder sister create a beautiful Christian environment for the children to experience the love of Christ. Interpersonal relationship between the children and parents are strengthened. Children contribute and participate in the daily activities and share responsibilities as one family.

Goal of the Group Home:

Maintain household and family life at a standard that promotes the wellbeing of the children and provide high quality level of care. This includes actively supporting the child’s education, development and leisure pursuits

Objectives of Group Home:

Enjoy family atmosphere

Education and training

Future and career

Good health- Receive prompt medical treatment

Socializing with the community

Care, protection and wellbeing

Helping children to bring out their talents and developing them

Free from physical/sexual harassment and corporal punishment

We take the trouble to provide a family - like home, schooling, love, discipline, developmentally positive influences, nutritious food, good medical care.All of this, we provide for two reasons:

Because we are commanded to Because we can bring the children to a place where they might accept God’s free gift of grace