Short term Daughter’s home:

Daughter’s home serves girls between the age of 6 to 17 rescued from various abusive backgrounds. They are victims of sexual assault, child labour, physical abuse, abandoned and neglected. Some of them are orphaned and having unfit-parents.

We provide them shelter for their comfortable stay, professional counselling, nutrias food, medical treatments, recreation, non-formal education, art & skill training, and also beautician and tailoring courses. We also arrange legal support for these girls to get justice and compensations.

Global Family takes special initiatives to reunite this girls with their families also place them in a secured environment. We offer regular follow ups, family visits, after care plans.

Statistics: July 2011 to December 2021 Child’s Status Nos 1 Girls restored to family 716 2 Girls transferred to long term homes 65 3 Girls discharged above 18 40 4 Girls in long term at present 17 5 Girls in short term at present 17 TOTAL 855
S.noChild’s StatusNos
1Girls restored to family716
2Girls transferred to long term homes65
3Girls discharged above 1840
4Girls in long term at present17
5Girls in short term at present17